Founder and Executive Chef of Ambrosial, Chef Mellisa Anthony, has a culinary Arts Degree and is certified by the Culinary Cannabis Association. She has been creating fine dining cuisine, baked goods , pastries and confections for over 20 years.

Working along side Canadas Top Leading Cannabis Chef Travis Perterson was such an honor and inspired her to want to share her passion and of cooking and Cannabis.

Mellisa's focus is to provide an enticing dining experience with savoir faire that uplifts everyone with a warm enthusiastic welcoming, dynamic service and unforgettable, delicious cuisine.  All the while, Mellisa is educating her clients on the many ways the whole Cannabis plant can be used safely at home.

Mellisa's passion has always been in fine dining and the culinary arts of savoury and superlative cuisine to satisfy the palate of the most sophisticated tastes. She Thrives on creating sumtuous and healthy dishes from around the globe to tantalize the most diserning food aficionado.



Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Lucas Margulis, Toronto

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