At Ambrosial we've partnered up with HIGH BAR Hospitality & Event Group to provide our clients with a full-service cannabis catering experience that's the first of its kind. 

Not every client consumes cannabis, so our team at HIGH BAR is there to assist you every step of the way.  Starting by helping you pick and order your legal cannabis for our team to prepare and infuse at your event.  Our catering menus and cannabis bar options are designed after consulting with one of HIGH BAR's cannabis sommeliers.  All dietary and allergy restrictions can be accommodate with prior notice for all your invited guests.

Booking our cannabis catering services, you'll always know that you're getting the finest certified staff and cannabis services to ensure everyone has an unforgettable event.  

Examples of our event cannabis catering expertise include:

  • Weddings

  • Graduation party

  • Retirement celebration

  • Birthday party

  • Anniversary

  • Engagement party

  • Private intimate dinners

  • Baby showers

  • Cocktail party

  • Holiday parties

HIGH BAR Hospitality & Event Group is Canada's first luxury mobile cannabis bar providing cannabis sommeliers, budtenders, consumption lounges, cannabis catering and other hospitality services. Creating a premier full-service experience that everyone can enjoy (from someone who's never consumed cannabis to your seasoned "toker"). With our experience and knowledge immersed in the event industry for over 25 years, the introduction of legal cannabis presented the perfect opportunity to create a high class event company featuring cannabis in its many wonderful forms. Our mission is simple, provide clients with cannabis experience presented in a classy and high-end fashion. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in the events and cannabis industries, so that we can provide the highest quality service for any occasion. We are committed to cannabis education, safety, and providing a responsible experience. Part of what we do includes educating the new, and find emerging technologies and cannabis types to wow the experienced user. All HIGH BAR staff are trained with the ultimate understanding of cannabis and its best uses and presentation, giving us the ability to customize each event.


HIGH BAR Hospitality & Event Group will provide services only in Ontario. All services are contingent upon compliance with cannabis related legislation and regulations. We do not facilitate the sales of cannabis or cannabis products.



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